Ittaikan Dojo History

When we, Brian Stacey and I, Paul Bonett, came back from the Osaka international taikai in 1997, we decided to follow the teaching of Nariyama Tetsuro,  Shihan at the Osaka Honbu (main) Dojo of the Shodokan Aikido Federation.

We had been visiting Phil Newcombe’s Dojo at City University, London almost weekly for about 5 years. Phil is Nariyama Shihan’s senior European Instructor. He now runs a dojo in Southern Spain.   In 1998 we moved to the Brighton Judo Club Dojo in Dorset Gardens, and gathered a high quality group of students.

Brian and Paul began competing in the early ’90s and were regular national and regional medal winners.  They also achieved a team Bronze in the 2001 Osaka World Championships.  Both have been national and international referees for several years and Paul has refereed at two Japanese World Championships, one in the UK and at a European too.  Both have been Managers for the UK Shodokan Squad.

Originally, the dojo opened with Brian Stacey and Paul Bonett as main instructors.  In 2008 Brian retired from active aikido so Paul (now graded to 5th Dan JAA/SAF/BAA) is the regular instructor, assisted by a quality team including Carole Grey, Yumi Hanstock, Kiyo Allen and Jon Gorf, instructor at Worthing Shodokan.

Officers at the dojo are:  Kiyo Allen – administrator, membership, etc; Yumiko Hanstock – Treasurer.